About us

Welcome to the World of Watchabe!  What are YOU going to be…

This children's book was written and illustrated out of Love and a passion to encourage kids to think about and talk about what they might want to be with their family and friends.


I have always had it on my heart that there are so many possibilities for people that sometimes they just need a little encouragement.  Well, one day I asked a little girl what she wanted to be and she said “a bag girl”.  What is that, I replied.  And she said “she puts groceries in a bag at a store”.  Oh, okay that’s nice, I thought.  I did that job when I was younger.  But it got me really thinking that I wanted Kids to know there are tons of OPPORTUNITIES out there! So, there you have it… Watchabe was born!


This children's book is about a little girl and her brother who reluctantly move across country with their family, who have a hard time leaving their friends behind.   Ultimately finding  a way to make new friends and have fun thinking and talking about what they are going to be with one another!

Remember Dream Big the Sky’s the Limit!!!


Whether you are buying this children's book for your daughter or son, granddaughter  or grandson, niece or nephew,  or  friend to read or for you to read to them, we hope you enjoy it and start the Kids on a Life Long Reading Road of Adventures.